Kilwa masoko Folk Development College is a government institution under the Ministry of Health, Community, Development, Gender, Elderly and children.

Kilwa masoko Folk Development College located at kilwa district in Lindi region in the southern zone of the Tanzania mainland.

It is situated along the coast of Indian Ocean, it’s about 330kilometers southern away from dare salaam, the collage is opposite to the kilwa island (kilwa kisiwani) archipelago, which has many attractive ancient monuments good for tourist, research, and other anthropological findings.

Kilwa folk development college was started as a rural training centre under the department of rural development in 1969.

In 1972 all folk development colleges over the country were transferred to the department of socialism and co-operation as an effect of the government adopting the administrative system of decentralization.

On July 01, 1990 the folk development colleges including kilwa folk development college were settled under the Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children up to June, 2016.

Currently Kilwa folk development college and other folk development colleges over the country are under the ministry of Education and Vocation Training.


The college capacity is about 120 students where by 80 among them are boarding scholars and 40 students among them are day scholars.

“Courses offered at kilwa folk Development college” are:-

  1. Computer Application
  2. Welding & Metal Fabrication
  3. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  4. Domestic Electrical Installation
  5. General Agriculture
  6. Carpentry & Joinery
  7. Masonry & Bricklaying
  8. Tailoring
  9. Motor Vehicle Driving
  10. Secretarial CourseKilwaFdc